Kau Ada Rumah
C5: BEST USE OF FILM [C5.2 Best Use of Film (Non-Broadcast) - Single]

Financial Counseling
Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency (AKPK)
The number of young Malaysians with heavy debts is increasing. AKPK as the nation's credit management agency would like to turn this scenario upside down.
"Kau Ada?" or literally translated as "Do you have?" is an expression commonly used by the Malay community to brag. It's a statement to brag. The same sentiment was portrayed in this online video, where the story revolves around a person who owns luxury items and brags about it to his friends, only to be frightened by his self-conscious who uses the phrase as a question and making him realised he does not have enough to sustain his lifestyle. The video serves as a humorous reminder for the Millennial as items portrayed in the video are commonly items that they aspire to own.

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