9. Craft Kancils [9.17a BM Copywriting, Content Writing & Scriptwriting: Single]

Insurance and Takaful
Sun Life Malaysia
M&C Saatchi Malaysia was engaged by Sun Life Malaysia to create their annual Raya video in conjunction with the upcoming Raya festivities. The insurance and Takaful provider wanted to showcase a sunny story of hope that would break away from the usual Raya tear-jerkers. It was crucial that their video inspire Malaysians to live brighter, as Sun Life Malaysia’s brand attributes are based on positivity and optimism. The video would also need ties to their Jar of Dreams of campaign, which was launched earlier this year positioning Sun Life Malaysia as the enabler of dreams.
While we do our best to make sure things run smoothly, sometimes the unexpected happens. So what do you do when things don't go as planned? #MisiRescueRaya is a charming tale that revolves around what can be overcome when you work together. After fireworks ruin his family's Raya outfits, Din finds hope with a little help from his neighbours and the Sun Life Jar of Dreams. On its own, Din's story is an uplifting one that met the client's brief. However, we felt this campaign had the ability to do more than just deliver a message of hope.Sun Life Malaysia is a brand that cares for its customers, not just when it comes to their financial security, but also their health and overall well-being. This is evidenced by Sun Life Malaysia's Brighter Lives Roadshow and other initiatives such as Shine Resolution Run 2018. We realised that this made Sun Life Malaysia the perfect brand to launch a social movement with a message. One that was in conjunction with Raya and that foc