Sun Life Malaysia - Brighter Lives
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Insurance & Takaful
Sun Life Malaysia
For five years, Sun Life Malaysia has already been selling Insurance and Takaful. But barely anyone knew we existed. Or what we sold. Brand awareness was at an all-time low. Customers only knew of us through a partnership with CIMB. We had to find a way to reintroduce ourselves to Malaysia and stand out among established insurance giants.
We ditched the scare tactics and avoided all insurance commercial clich�s. We filmed a commercial with a catchy tune, positioning our brand as one that's full of hope and positivity. The Brighter Lives film features a jar that sits at the centre of Sun Life's newest campaign. It looks just like a regular one, but it is far from ordinary. The jar shines, and it does so brightly on the lives of the regular people who carry it. They express their dreams through lyrics that are difficult to get out of one's head. We watch as Sun Life Malaysia works metaphorically behind the scenes, subtly introducing its products as the way to make the dreams a reality.