9. Craft Kancils [9.2a Cinematography: Single]

Alliance Islamic Bank Malaysia Berhad
Alliance Islamic Bank enables SMEs to grow their business by providing the right halal solutions and advisory, complemented by the right partnerships. It also advocates its customers to be financially savvy; and a strong supporter for initiatives that create positive impact to businesses, community and the environment. Alliance Islamic Bank wanted to resonate strongly with its audience during the Aidilfitri celebration with a campaign that embodied its brand values. It positions itself as a social enterprise organization that empowers small business owners for a better living and promotes business inclusion in creating a positive impact to everyone in the community.
In living up to Alliance Islamic Bank's strong belief in giving and tying in seamlessly with Aidilfitri celebration, we came up with an idea that inspired people to give, no matter how small it is. Because that small act of giving has the potential to multiply and bring great rewards to the receiver, while promoting the Pay It Forward aspect in giving back to society.