Innovators of Positivity
9. Craft Kancils [9.14b Illustration: Campaign]

Maison De Gigi
Maison De Gigi was a new to-go coffee brand inspired by positivity. We wanted to launch our new coffees and treats at a time when people were boba-crazy. Many boba spots were launching at the same time, so we needed a way to steal attention.
We called ourselves the Innovators of Positivity and created tools that made coffee sessions, even cooler. On Instagram, we crafted each tool using quirky line drawings and a unique colour palette that gave our brand a look like no other. Even though our tools weren't really made, they inspired people to try our coffees and treats. By clicking on our posts, you could buy our vouchers on Shopee. We had defined Maison De Gigi as a brand that designed unique experiences for everyone.