Huat 2.0
9. Craft Kancils [9.14b Illustration: Campaign]

Standard Chartered Malaysia
In 2018, DuitNow was introduced and Bank Negara tasked every bank in Malaysia to encourage its usage. Consumers could only register one bank to conduct their transactions and as a foreign bank, Standard Chartered was often the alternative choice, even for their own clients. Plus, Malaysians were hesitant with the unfamiliar concept of DuitNow as a service. With these in mind, we needed to drive sign-ups and transfers, all within a limited budget.
We spotted an opportunity in the Lunar New Year. As a season known for monetary blessings, DuitNow made the gifting of digital angpaos easier. So, we created Huat 2.0, an eye-catching promo that celebrates the traditional spirit of sharing, with a digital convenience. To stand out, we modernized various Chinese cultural characters to demonstrate the promo's daily, weekly and monthly gifting benefits. Based on vintage chinese posters, these characters were illustrated with vibrant expressions in modern strokes and bright colours, that spread joy to whoever saw them. For a month, they were sent to clients through e-direct mailers and Facebook Link Ads. Every click directed to SC Mobile, the bank's online banking site where a client could signup online and immediately use DuitNow.