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9. Craft Kancils [9.21b English Copywriting: Campaign]

Gostan King: , Pothole Pro: , U-Turn Champion:
Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia
Mitsubishi Triton is seen as an old uncle off-road vehicle. It's revving with a class-leading 5.7m turning radius, but Malaysians still consider it to be a clunky choice for a ride. So, when the client wanted to launch the Triton Athlete for the masses, we needed to find a way to make it more youthful and urban-relevant.
Malaysian cities are known for its challenging roads. It's riddled with traffic jams, tight turnings and potholes, that you basically have to be like an athlete: strong, fast and flexible enough to take on any challenge. To introduce the new Triton Athlete, we dramatized these challenges with football-style commentary that Malaysians know and love, and showed how it can turn any road athlete into a champion. All in collaboration with popular Malaysian YouTubers.