The Singing Pizza
7. Direct Kancils [7.6 Best customer retention/loyalty campaign]

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut was losing out to other food delivery brands Dominos, McDonalds, Food Panda and Grab Food because they were not connecting with the youth. We needed to revive the brand, and reconnect with millennials in a cool way.
We turned pizza boxes into digital turntables thanks to a collaboration with Universal Music. We called it 'The Singing Pizza', and it allowed millennials to enjoy great pizza and cool tunes anytime, anywhere! In our first phase, each box harmoniously combined different genres of music and design elements of Pizza Hut's pizza. In our second phase, we recreated the faces of Universal Music artists with Pizza Hut's colours. Even our app was designed to match the vinyl design seen on each box as the vinyl spun music, to create one seamless experience. All they had to do is scan the code, and press play. The more pizzas you ordered, the more songs and goodies you unlocked. Not surprisingly, these boxes became collectibles.