PH Syukur Sepanjang Jalan
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Pizza Hut
How do you stand out amongst a sea of Ramadan videos? How do you spread a message of positivity differently? Pizza Hut asked these very questions when the time came to create their Ramadhan pizza promo.
We used the idea of SYUKUR (be grateful), as the central theme for the video. That when one BERSYUKUR, one will be able to embrace things positively, no matter the situation. We had a video, called SYUKUR SEPANJANG JALAN (be grateful all the time) about a man who is fasting, and, unfortunately for him, the gods have decided that this will be the worst day of his life. Instead of being frustrated, he BERSYUKUR that this has happened to him, looks at the positive side, and is able to overcome his misfortunes. A positive message, about maintaining a positive spirit, during a very testing time.