Where'd all the chickens go?
2. Audio Kancils [2.1a Best use of radio: Single]

Pizza Hut
How do you stand out amongst a sea of Ramadan advertising? Pizza Hut asked this very question when the time came to launch their Ramadhan pizza promo.
Pizza Hut had the Roasted Ayam Berempah as their Ramadhan pizza promo. It's so good that even chickens can't resist it! Based on this insight, we created a bizarre radio ad that demonstrated how all the chickens in KL were rushing to Pizza Hut to get a taste of the Roasted Ayam Berempah. (The Roasted Ayam Berempah is made of chicken- so if chickens can't resist, we don't know what can) The radio ad broke the monotony of traditional Ramadhan-sounding ads with an ad that didn't even use Ramadhan as its central idea. Instead, we created a dramatic piece that emphasized just how irresistible our Roasted Ayam Berempah was for better brand recall during Ramadhan.