Breathe Fire Resistance
5. Design Kancils [5.9 Product Design (Eligible for Innovation)]

Architectural paint
Roxsil Silicone Sdn Bhd
In 2018, Philippines recorded an 84% increase in fires, mostly in slums, compared to 2017*. *News report from The Philippines Star Everyday paints are made from acrylic. Another word for plastic, these paints are highly flammable. When a house in a slum catches fire, the entire area can be burned down within mere minutes.
To prevent fires, we have to stem it at the source. Most houses in the slum are made from low quality building materials- which are highly flammable. Acrylic paints, which cover the walls, tends to aggravate the flames. Once a fire starts- it spreads very fast. We developed a paint that burns very, very, very slowly- so that in the event of a fire- occupants have enough time to douse the flames.