5. Design Kancils [5.2 Printed Communication Design]

Casual Dining Restaurant
Nando's Malaysia
It's really the same thing every, single, year. Our relatives ask us "When are you getting married?, we hear the same mind-numbing songs, and of course... we overeat, regret and repeat. Could Nando's help millennials turn these tiring situations around?
We created Chinese New Year memes that put a cheeky spin on these relatable scenarios (read: struggles). Inspired by traditional Chinese paintings, these featured stylized symbolic characters in brush-like strokes of auspicious colours, set against oriental patterns. We then turned the memes into ang paos containing Nando's vouchers. At a time when millennials are often targeted by relatives at reunions, these allowed lucky receivers to redeem an RM18 discount on their next Nando's visit. Meaning less time accidentally offending a nosy relative, and more time celebrating an extra huat new year with family and friends. A simple way to bring more smiles, and extra huat to the new year.