9. Craft Kancils [9.14b Illustration: Campaign]

Casual Dining Restaurant
Nando's Malaysia
It's really the same thing every, single, year. Our relatives ask us "When are you getting married?, we hear the same mind-numbing songs, and of course... we overeat, regret and repeat. Could Nando's help millennials turn these tiring situations around?
We created Chinese New Year memes that put a cheeky spin on these relatable scenarios (read: struggles). Inspired by traditional Chinese paintings, these featured stylized symbolic characters in brush-like strokes of auspicious colours, set against oriental patterns. We then shared the joy on Social Media and in real life. As Ang Pao vouchers to loyal fans, so they can share a meal with friends. As Social Posts, where people often emphasize with one another through memes. As a contest, where they could share their own struggles in a way that's fun. And stickers to spread the 'joy' on Insta-stories or their favourite New Year photos. The Result? Over 9.39 million impressions, 5,179,032 reach, 297,937 engagements, and a CTR surpassing Nando's campaign benchmark, at 1.44%. A simple way to bring more smiles, and extra huat to the new year.