Giler Unlimited
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Mobile Service Provider
U Mobile Sdn Bhd
When the telco world entered maturity for 4G technology in 2018, competition to win over market share was intense. No longer seen as the only value-driven telco out there, U Mobile faced increased pressure to remain competitive. Without the option of further price cuts, how can we stop our subscribers from porting out, while cutting through the clutter to stand out in a sea of unlimited data plans?
With our promise of unlimited data at crazy low prices, we created a world bigger than anyone's imagination and launched Giler Unlimited. The idea was to roll out a telco campaign unlike any other flaunting a mobile data plan so unbelievably awesome, you'd be crazy for not signing up. To amp things up even further, we unleashed our Giler gang - a bunch of quirky characters - to conquer every space, every touchpoint. From fun videos with an earworm rap to outdoor billboards, we painted the whole nation orange. We weren't trying to be 'young', 'cool' or 'trendy'. We simply unleashed our inner Giler and that spoke to our audience.