Operation: Hijack
6. Digital Experience Kancils [6.4 Best use of online advertising]

Mobile Service Provider
U Mobile Sdn Bhd
Whether you're searching for flight deals or for food, Google serves you the most popular search results. For consumers, it's where they narrow down their options. For brands with high recall, that's awesome because they will always be considered. But for the rest who are fighting to be noticed, being seen during the research journey is critical. So, how can U Mobile get ahead of the competition?
We crafted a 2-prong strategy with a twist to convert the consumer's intent, swaying them towards U Mobile at the last minute. First, we defended all U Mobile search queries, making sure we're constantly appear in searches. Then, we bought into our competitors' brand and product names, leveraging on their greater search volume. With these keywords, we crafted our copy to mimic theirs, capturing the consumer's attention when they search for our competitors.