6. Digital Experience Kancils [6.10 Best use of Cultural Insights in Digital Experiences]

Prudential Assurance Malaysia
We were tasked to develop a campaign to launch Prudential's new comprehensive cancer protection product, PRUcancerX in Malaysia. It's a tall order, considering how our millennial target audience isn't comfortable even talking about the subject matter to begin with. Fact is, most taboo conversations about cancer get immediately shut down by superstitions - it's a gut reflex to say "Touch wood!" or "Choi!" to deflect negative topics like cancer for fear that talking about it will invite it into their lives. We then set out to get our young target audience to start talking about cancer, as a first step into the purchase funnel.
We wanted millenials to see just how helpful superstition was in covering them in the event of cancer, i.e. not at all. So, we created a fictitious brand called 'Unsuay', that sells superstitions to our audience. ('Unsuay' translates to 'anti-bad-luck'.) The brand offered three cancer-cancelling products; Touch Wood Wood, the Suay Slapper and the Choi Pin. These superstition-powered innovations made tangible our target audience's instinctive reactions to negativity - so that they may realise for themselves that they have no power whatsoever against cancer. The truth is, superstition can't cover you. After we flipped the script on them, we introduced PRUcancer X as the only thing that can cover them when they needed it most.