My Slang Bank
9. Craft Kancils [9.14b Illustration: Campaign]

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Language changes every day, especially street language, where words pop up and disappear quickly. Those that appear will be used constantly (where the actual meaning may be subjected to interpretation) and those that go away will be forgotten almost immediately. How can we collect, document, explain, and preserve these words in a way that would appeal to Malaysians?
We wanted a place that Malaysians can learn from, and that we can update constantly. We decided to present MySlangBank as a visual dictionary, using Instagram as a platform. It allowed us to present something that was aesthetically pleasing, and also informative as well. We illustrated each posting differently, to bring out the meaning of each word clearly. We used a variety of techniques, like vector illustration or collage, as a means of keeping each posting different from the one before. Inspiration came from traditional Malaysian elements, childhood memories, and various pop culture references. Each illustration was made colourful and eye-catching. The uniqueness of each design kept our followers interested, and injected a sense of freshness (and cool) to each post. In addition to educating Malaysians about slang words, we indirectly exposed them to many forms of illustrations.