Swan Back To School 2018
1. Film & Branded Content Kancils [1.7 Best low-budget film]

Swan Twist & Roll Series
Hwa Thong Bags Industries Sdn Bhd
SWAN is a school bags specialist, since 1951 in Malaysia. They produces TOP quality school bags and their main objective of this campaign was to introduce their newest innovative version of bag and to drive Top brand choice for back-to-school campaign. As a local brand, client faced challenges in thriving to become TOP choice for Malaysian parents within other local & international brands. Other than that, client also faced challenge to produce commercial that is fun & happy yet not compromising with the quality of the film with a minimal budget and short period of time before reaching the golden time of back-to-school sales period.
With Unique Zone, together we produced a TVC that satisfied client's requirement without having client forking out more budget. In the ad, we decided to use multiracial kid talents and another approach instead of traditional approach just showing only the product's USP. We had the talents to be themselves (kids!) and have fun using client's products. What's so special about client's product is that it's their newest innovated roller school bag with 360 degree rotation roller which no other school bag company had produced before. This innovated school bag makes it easier for students to pull their bags up and down from staircases even on uneven roads. With this ad, it was aired on Astro Wah Lai Toi , TVB classic, TVB XingHe & AOD. Other than that, it was on MRT Digital Screen as well throughout the campaign. The outcome of the campaign overwhelmed client as their sales increased with product was out-of-stock!