K-GIC Merdeka - Teh Cham
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Kancil Judges: So, what's your brief today? Make it quick. Got 1000 more entries to judge. K-GIC: Look up. Look down. Look left. Look right. Everywhere. Racial issues. Racial conflicts. Politicians happy. Malaysians wary. Merdeka Day. Remind Malaysians. Multiracial! Our identity! Pride! Love! No Hate! Kancil Judges: Ok, can pro- K-GIC: We also want to prove that low budget doesn't mean low quality! Kancil Judges: -ceed.
Kancil Judges: Why is your video so basic? K-GIC: Today, the digital market is FULL of videos and consumers are king. Too long: Skip. Too complicated: Skip. Too much talking: Skip. Kancil Judges: Ah... Then- K-GIC: That's why our video is short, simple, and without dialogue! Everyone happy! Kancil Judges: So, why teh? K-GIC: When Malaysians go to mamak: Teh 'O! Teh Tarik! Teh Peng! Teh Cham! All Malaysians know teh, drink teh, love teh - because teh is delicious and easy to get everywhere! Kancil Judges: Cheap too. K-GIC: (Whisper) Like our production cost! Kancil Judges: Sorry, excuse me? K-GIC: Nothing. We'll get to that later. Yes, teh is something very close to all Malaysians' hearts. And the best thing is, no matter what or how we campur, the the only becomes richer! And this represents Malaysians too! Kancil Judges: The more we campur with one another, the richer we become - in terms of culture, wealth... K-GIC: Knowledge, happin