Affiliate Junction - Happy Merdeka Day
1. Film & Branded Content Kancils [1.2a Film (Online): Single]

Affiliate Junction
I Synergy Group Limited
Kancil Judges: K-GIC again. K-GIC: Yes! Kancil Judges: Merdeka video too? K-GIC!: Hehehe... Yes! We love Malaysia mah! Kancil Judges: Okay, brief? K-GIC: Our client, Affiliate Junction is a marketing platform where Malaysians from all walks of life - regardless of race - come together and help one another develop their respective skills, to achieve greater success. In spirit of Merdeka, we were tasked to create a video that portrays just that! Kancil Judges: Okay proceed.
K-GIC: Merdeka month. Big players will definitely be coming up with massive productions and tear-jerking storylines to capture the heart of Malaysians... Kancil Judges: Ah huh. K-GIC: But we want to be different! We only used 4 casts, one location, one powerful message. We don't even need dialogues! Kancil Judges: Why did you all go without dialogues? K-GIC: Number one, lazy. Number two, save copywriting cost. Number three, magic. Kancil Judges: Magic? K-GIC: Yes! You see, no dialogues, no subtitles, but... everyone in Malaysia can still understand! If we put dialogues, we need about 5000 subtitles (multiracial mah), it only adds to the confusion! Kancil Judges: OooĆ¢... K-GIC: But our video, young or old, literate or illiterate, no matter what race you are, you'll still get the message. Plus, nowadays everyone is always on the go. Where got people watch online videos on their phone with the sound on anymore, you tell me, you tell me, you got on sound meh?