TNB CNY 2019 - The ONG-est Hours
9. Craft Kancils [9.1a Film Direction: Single]

Tenaga Nasional Berhad
Our brief is to ensure we are able to remind youths of the importance of ushering the Chinese New Year with the family without drawing our the realisation via guilt but more via empowerment and positive sentiments. Based on the situation and brief, we set out to carve out a narrative which show that humans are multidimensional and able to interact on many different levels with one common outcome of cross generational family togetherness.
CONTINUE THE 'ONG' A campaign centred around the hours after reunion dinner i.e. 9pm-12am. Most festive ads show the 'before', leading up and ending at reunion dinner. But this campaign focuses on the 'reunion after-hours', which strategically is interesting territory. "This is because most families only focus on the big dinner, ignoring the important tradition after the feast, which all family members spending the time together to welcome the CNY on new year eve," he said. The short film shows a tale of four cousins who felt bored and were looking for ways and tricks to get out from the house after celebrating the 'big meal' with their family on the eve of Chinese New Year. The situation escalated when the older generation, including their grandmother and uncle being tricky to prevent the youngsters from leaving the house and making them stay and spend more time with the family. Different tactics and tricks between the two generations expressed a fun