The Big Bad Masterpiece
4. Outdoor Kancils [4.1b Best use of billboards: Campaign]

Citychemo Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
BAD LAB was built on unconventional design. So, when it came to BAD LAB's limited edition signature canister-based packs, we knew it needed to be, well, striking. Being rebellious by nature, we chose an art form that represented BAD LAB's trademark attitude - Graffiti. But asking a graffiti artist to design for a small pack surface, just didn't cut it. BAD LAB needed something bigger to stay true to its larger-than-life personality. How do we up the ante?
We took BAD LAB back to the origins of graffiti: the street. Four MRT pillars on a major highway became the canvas for our artists to authentically create and express themselves in their element. With only five hours to complete their masterpieces overnight, our artists raced against the clock to remix BAD LAB's signature animal packaging designs with their own style. By sunrise, four traffic-stopping graffiti outdoor billboards with four giant-sized original packaging bottles became BAD LAB's first-ever outdoor billboards. As the final touch, the same graffiti artworks were then adapted for limited edition BAD LAB products. Now, every customer can shower with a BAD LAB masterpiece.