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Toyota Malaysia
UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd
Toyota has been successful over the past years in marketing its product to the urban masses but have neglected to reach out to the non-urban Malay segment. To reach out to them, the Clan was tasked with creating a Hari Raya campaign that would resonate with the mass Malay and at the same time showcase the range of Toyota cars available to create brand traction and desire. The campaign has to be led with a film that could reach out to urban and non-urban market segments as well.
In a time where irreverent and irrelevant Hari Raya films are the norm, we wanted to address a more serious issue albeit in a lighthearted manner - a matter of gender equality. While Hari Raya is a festive season for the entire family, the roles of preparing for the festivities fall on the already burdened shoulders of the women of the house. From spring cleaning to preparing food and even packing for the "balik kampung" trip, women are expected to do everything. To address this issue, we told the story of Irwan who gets stuck in an endless loop 2 days before he returns to his kampung. While wanting to deliver a message to reflect on one's own actions during Hari Raya, we also ensured that we didn't vilify men in the film. The twist in the end gave the film a fresh new perspective as well, as most men tend to choose going back to their own kampung ahead of their spouses. This film sparked multiple conversations among women and men during the festive season.