Dragon Boat Race
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Apple Fox Cider
Heineken Malaysia Berhad
The Apple Fox brand is built on irreverence and crate-loads of cheekiness. As playful online as we are in real life, we even swore publicly and got away with it with our hashtag #whatthefox. In search of more moments of internet and social media irreverence, we saw an opportunity in the annual Dragonboat Festival in Malaysia. We were tasked to create a social post for the festive season as part of our Always On, but we were eager to think outside the crate and make mischief on this usually low-key season.
We wanted to go beyond posting a generic greeting and found a perfect opportunity to bring our brand's personality to life. Inspired by the races, we wanted to bring the dragon boat experience online. Facebook's algorithms sort comments automatically according to relevance and comments that get to the top are fueled by the Replies and Reactions that they get, making it seem like a race itself! We saw a gamification opportunity that anyone can enjoy with rapid thumb-tapping. By exploiting Facebook's ability to sort comments by 'Most Relevant', we created Malaysia's first-ever race to the top of the Comments section, where the Top 5 would be rewarded eight cartons of Apple Fox Cider. To get their boats ahead, they needed to post a comment that garnered the highest engagement. They could get anyone to comment on their original comments to keep themselves ahead of other racers. The simple move thrilled many Malaysians who were all racing to win in the comments.