Straws of Suffering (Seal)
4. Outdoor Kancils [4.11 Kancil for Good: Outdoor]

Greenpeace Malaysia
Plastic straws are among the most abundant wastes in the ocean. As a type of plastic waste, it negatively impacts the ocean ecosystem, including killing sea animals as they often mistakenly swallow the straws. In support of the Malaysian government's plan to ban plastic straws, Greenpeace wants to raise the awareness of the Malaysian public to more deeply understand the danger of plastic straws on the ocean ecosystem.
A simple use of design language portraying sea creatures suffering with a visual twist: a single plastic straw that becomes one with the animal's mouth, completing the expression of misery. The simple message: "Where Straws Go, Suffering Follows" drives home the point. This shock approach is meant to provoke thought regarding the consequence of using plastic straws so that policymakers will put stricter laws in place, and so the Malaysians public will stop using plastic straws once and for all.