The Mood Menu
6. Digital Experience Kancils [6.2 Best use of mobile & wearable platforms]

IPC Shopping Centre
IKEA Southeast Asia
IPC Shopping Centre revamped its entire retail experience when they pumped in RM200 million, added 104 new stores and doubled their F&B offerings. But even with the revamp, IPC Shopping Centre still had to cut through the clutter of malls. With this, we were tasked to create an experience that would increase visits and F&B spend at IPC Shopping Centre.
We drew inspiration from a study conducted in Cornell University that made a link between emotions and taste. It found that mood enhances your mealtime experience. Happy? Go for something sour. Sad? Time for dessert. Before we could enhance the mealtime experience, we had to find out what mood one is in. That's when we realised the answer was in everyone's pocket - their mobile. By tapping into one's Spotify playlist, we were able to determine the mood based on tempo, genre, valence, skips and repeats. By pairing the two, we created the Mood Menu. An app feature that digested all that data to give the perfect food recommendation at F&B outlets in IPC Shopping Centre. We even sweetened recommendations with personalised offers to ensure experiences that will always suit one's taste.