8. Brand Experience & Activation Kancils [8.4 Best use of sponsorships & partnerships]

Men's Grooming
The success of NIVEA Men MYpadang (local football mentorship programme) had inspired competitors to follow in the brand's footsteps. To keep NIVEA Men ahead of the game, we needed a fresh approach, and fast.
This innovative first-in-the-market sports sponsorship programme combined the enduring MYpadang concept with the incredibly relevant digital gaming platform of EA Sport's FIFA Online 3. Premiering in August 2018, the idea proved that NIVEA MEN was already ahead game before the Malaysian Government declared in November that e-sports would be a major focal point of their 2019 Budget. Through a championship series, played both online and on-ground, NIVEA MEN e-MYpadang set out to find the best e-footballer in Malaysia. NIVEA MEN also ensured our future e-football stars would 'look the part' via the grooming mentorship that's been an integral part of the MYpadang concept.