Gloriously Gold: Celebrating AirAsia's 10 Years of Awards
9. Craft Kancils [9.12a Art Direction: Single]

Annual Report
AirAsia Group Berhad
As always, AirAsia wanted their annual report to be innovative in showcasing the year's achievement and be of award-winning calibre while portraying the glitz and glamour of the world's best low-cost airline. In a year when AirAsia is marking its 10th consecutive Skytrax win, how can we best convey this achievement to AirAsia's investors and stakeholders?
To us, nothing says excellence quite like gold. Rather than the usual parade of Allstars on the cover, we decided that the best way to feature this achievement is by replicating the Skytrax award on a fully-gold cover and went to town with its finishing. Even AirAsia's logo had to relinquish its red and play second fiddle to the award emblem that was set within the typographic 10. The cover design was embellished with trendy geometric patterns that reflected the momentum of excellence coursing through AirAsia, with the stars, lines, arrows, text and award plaque alternately embossed, debossed, finished in coarse matt spot and stamped in both gold and rainbow foils to provide tactile engagement for its readers. A decision was also made where half the printed books sported matte laminated covers for a sleek and elegant look, and the other half gloss laminated for a more extravagant eye-catching effect. Inside, gold and black dominated the pages - a bold move in running away