Never Too Old
4. Outdoor Kancils [4.7 Best outdoor-led integrated campaign]

Financial Services
RHB Bank
Even though the 'Awakening the Challenger Within' campaign became a huge success for RHB during the festive seasons, we saw opportunity for more engagement with our audience during the in-between periods. We were tasked with coming up with a platform to put the brand into action and show Malaysians that the challenger spirit is in everyone, not just those who were featured in our films.
We developed a brand experience that went from online to on-ground. First, we created the #RHBProgress social media contest to gather personal stories of progress from Malaysians. Among all the entries, we picked one that stood out - a great-grandmother who graduated with a Master's Degree at 82. On Mother's Day, we told her story... as a storyboard on KL's iconic Bukit Bintang billboard. Despite having only two weeks to go from ideation to surprise reveal, we made it happen. Today, the #RHBProgress campaign is still ongoing, celebrating the progress stories of everyday Malaysians.