As Never Before
1. Film & Branded Content Kancils [1.9 Best film & branded content-led integrated campaign]

Toyota Vios
UMW Toyota Motor Sdn. Bhd.
Toyota wanted to reinvent the identity of the Vios, branding it as the "in" car for young adults to drive as opposed to its previous reputation of being a car for an older generation. But with the saturation of online advertising targeted at this audience, Toyota needed a campaign that could cut through the noise to deliver the Vios's brand new image.
In line with the Vios"in"s new identity, 'As Never Before', an original Vios music video was created - shot by the car itself, to showcase the drivability of the new Vios, as well as its new aesthetic design. The music video was launched as an interactive mobile video, in which viewers can enjoy the music video, and easily experience the behind-the-scenes content by simply rotating their phones 180 degrees. The music video also featured two Malaysian artistes singing lyrics that brought forth the new personality of the Vios.