Siapa Makan Kulit Durian, Dia Rasa Sakit.
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With Yoodo being a new player in the telco market (launched in January 2018), the Malaysian audience was still trying to grasp the idea of customising their own mobile plan on an app. Yoodo, being a start up at that point, also did not have the privilege of huge marketing budget. So the problem was a straightforward one - how do you effectively communicate this novel idea of customisation when you're given a miniscule budget of RM5,000 while also working with a strict deadline of 1 week (from ideation to end product)?
Between July to Aug of 2018, it was the peak of the durian season. Every social platform had chatter and stories on what is a quintessential Malaysian delicacy. So we literally sniffed the opportunity - why not create a video riding on the trending topic of the thorny fruit from heaven (or hell to some) AND deliver the message that we wanted! Our video idea had to be simple, straightforward and humorous so that it had the impact and hook that it needed. Also, in line with the brand persona of being cheeky, we wanted to tease our competitors and in doing so showcase the key selling-points and differentiators of the brand - that you can customise your mobile plan at anytime without limitations with Yoodo. Hence, we used the story of a day out shopping for durians, with all its pitfalls, as our vehicle to deliver this message as an analogy.