Jalan Cerita
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Toyota Malaysia
UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd
Toyota has been successful in marketing its product in recent years but have neglected to reach out to the non-urban Malay segment. The Clan was tasked with creating a Hari Raya campaign that would resonate with the mass Malay and at the same time remind them that Toyota has been a part of Malaysia for the last 50 years.
We created a film that showed a favourite Malaysian past time - driving around the neighbourhood with your loved ones, or as Malaysians would call it "jalan-jalan". The film told the story of a father and son who though don't have much money are united by one thing - their time spent with each other while just circling around the block. Things take a turn when Afiq, our protagonist, starts getting bored with his dad's antics and decide to find his own "Jalan Cerita" or "Storyline". Until one day, when he becomes a father himself.