8. Brand Experience & Activation Kancils [8.10 Best use of Cultural Insights in Brand Experience & Activation]

Palm Oil
Ministry of Primary Industries
The general perception of Palm Oil is a negative one. Globally, it is advertised as a crop that deprives animals of their natural habitat and utilizes child labor. The client wishes to combat that perception within the Malaysian community, and depict it as a national commodity Malaysians can be proud of.
As a nation of numerous cultures and races, the agency designed the Chinese New Year "Love My Palm Oil" campaign around the Chinese symbol "feng", meaning a good harvest, to convey the message of unity and abundance. A video was produced highlighting the abundance that is provided by Palm Oil, while featuring varying races, representing the Malaysian people. It was then circulated across major TV stations and digital platforms to reach the public. To further assert the message of unity and a good harvest, the agency used the insight of Malaysian food being a part of the national identity to extend the campaign; covering both online cooking videos, and on-ground cooking demos. By incorporating the usage of Palm Oil in traditional dishes that hold a special place in the hearts of Malaysians, the campaign allowed Malaysians to feel a deep rooted connection to Palm Oil, as a commodity that is as Malaysian as themselves. A commodity that they can rally behind as one.