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Palm Oil
Ministry of Primary Industries
The general perception of Palm Oil is a negative one. Globally, it is advertised as a crop that deprives animals of their natural habitat and utilizes child labor. The client wishes to combat that perception within the Malaysian community, and depict it as a national commodity Malaysians can be proud of.
It is an age of internet and digital platforms, but in Malaysia there are many places where TV is still popular. With goals of connecting with as many Malaysians as possible and creating a greater impact with the campaign, a film to convey the message of unity and abundance was produced, and circulated through major TV stations across the nation, as well as digital platforms. To activate the campaign, on-ground cooking demos were arranged to allow the Malaysian public to experience feel the connection to Palm Oil through food, a good harvest, and the one thing all Malaysians love. The agency also created standees featuring ministers of different races presenting different dishes they made to further assert the message of unity through food. Recipe cards were prepared and handed out to the public, online cooking videos and a microsite was produced to allow Malaysians to try their hand using palm oil in their own cooking too.