Jalur Lebar Jalur Gemilang
9. Craft Kancils [9.3a Film Editing: Single]

TM Merdeka
Telekom Malaysia
In conjunction with Malaysia's 62nd National Day, Telekom Malaysia (TM) wants to express its position as the enabler of nation building and economic progression that closes the gap between rural and urban areas via connectivity, while also empowering women entrepreneurs to embrace leadership roles in various sectors, in line with the Malaysian government's initiative.
A story of a young lady who proudly carries on her father's artistry in woodcraft by leveraging on e-commerce to propagate a forgotten heritage to a wider audience that ultimately garnered global recognition. The masterpiece she creates is known as "Jalur Lebar, Jalur Gemilang". It depicts how our patriotism carves a beautiful story, and the Jalur Gemilang proudly binds us in unity. More importantly, the combination of 'Jalur Lebar, Jalur Gemilang' symbolically represents TM's aspiration in accelerating Malaysia's progress towards a digital nation.