Auntie RinggitPlus
5. Design Kancils [5.1 Brand Identity Design]

Financial Technology
RinggitPlus is an impartial search portal for financial products, ranging from credit cards and insurance plans to investment options. Users can not only find the products they need easily but sign up for cards or get in touch with agents via the website. But such ease and convenience are of little use if the average Malaysian is ignorant of, and intimidated by money matters. RinggitPlus needed a face and voice to represent what it stands for. One that reaches out to Malaysians from various walks of life and speaks the language of the people (not of banks or policy booklets).
Use the power of A.I. lah! We turned to the paragon of a sharp, honest, bargain-hunting character every citizen is familiar with: the Malaysian Auntie. And then gave her a few updates like a smartwatch, a trendy yet age-appropriate outfit, and made her relentlessly tech-savvy as well as street-smart. This character became known as Auntie+. The ultimate in A.I. (Auntie Intelligence) helping people navigate the complex world of finance. By inviting people to "Just Ask Auntie lah!", her brand of intelligence was just what the brand needed to become visible and approachable to the everyday Malaysian.