9. Craft Kancils [9.21a English Copywriting, Content Writing & Scriptwriting: Single]

Non-Government Organization
Mental Illness Awareness & Support Association
THE MENTAL BARRIER AGAINST MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS The Mental Illness Awareness And Support Association (MIASA) frequently organises campaigns and events to educate the public. Yet the challenge remains - people shut off at the mention of "mental health and mental illness". The topic is perceived as a dry and complicated by most, and especially daunting for those facing it. We were tasked to create supporting materials for MIASA's events that can break down these mental barriers to bring awareness and education to people.
SWEETENING THE (MENTAL HEALTH) PILL WITH HUMOUR AND CHARM While the topic of mental health and mental illness is serious and sombre, its delivery does not have to be. Using vibrant colours, eye-catching illustrations and witty headlines, we make it hard for people to look away from what we have to say. The lighthearted approach disarms people, assuring them that our material - and by extension, the discussion on mental health and mental illness - shows that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and ways of managing it.