Awakening the Challenger Within
1. Film & Branded Content Kancils [1.12 Creative Effectiveness: Film & Branded Content]

Financial Services
RHB Bank
RHB had been slowly losing relevance among Malaysian Millennials, as the brand's communication materials were seen as conventional, tepid and uninspiring. As the Bank overhauled its image and was reintroduced to the country as a Challenger Bank, we were tasked to create a new narrative for the brand during festive seasons to set a tonality for the Bank and win back the hearts and attention of young Malaysians.
Research revealed an interesting insight. For banks, festivals mark an end. But for young Malaysians, festivals mean new beginnings. So, we shifted our strategy. We implemented a consistent, single-minded and more relevant platform throughout the year called 'Awakening the Challening Within', which champions real stories about real-life challengers to amplify RHB's values and rekindle the challenger spirit in Malaysians.