DUKKHA Music Video
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Music Video
BACKGROUND: A SYNAPSE-SLAMMING MUSIC VIDEO UNLIKE ANY OTHER Dukkha is a restless, iconoclastic take on the art of violence - done in collaboration between 18 Uppercut, a creative collective, and W.Y. Huang, a cutting-edge electronic musician. The music video sets itself apart by bringing together visceral visuals with music that straddles a line between Eastern and Western cultures.
IDEA: INFLUENCING THE NARRATIVE THROUGH MOTION DESIGN Inspired by classic kung fu films as well as by pop-cultural references such as Godzilla and Dragon Ball Z, the music video delves into the nature of life that innately includes suffering, pain, dissatisfaction, and displeasure. Highly captivating and monumentally detailed, the blitz of beats, hues and visuals helps drive the dystopian entanglement between a traffic police officer and a street food vendor, all told in a medley of 4 acts.