DUKKHA Music Video
9. Craft Kancils [9.19 Interaction & Digital Motion Design]

Music Video
BACKGROUND: BREAKING THE MOULD WITH A SYNAPSE-SLAMMING MUSIC VIDEO Dukkha is a music video that sets itself apart by bringing together visceral visuals and electronic beats that straddles a fine line between Eastern and Western cultures. It is a restless, iconoclastic take on the art of violence - done in collaboration between 18 Uppercut, a creative collective, and W.Y. Huang, a cutting-edge electronic musician.
A VISUAL MASTERPIECE ENHANCED THROUGH MOTION DESIGN Told in a medley of 4 acts, Dukkha captures the dystopian entanglement between a traffic police officer and a street food vendor and how their tragic story unfolds. With classic kung fu films and pop-cultural references such as Godzilla and Dragon Ball Z serving as inspiration, the music video takes viewers on a psychedelic journey that is enhanced with animated graphics and effects that pay tribute to both Eastern and Western pop-cultural visual identities.