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1. Film & Branded Content Kancils [1.2a Film (Online): Single]

Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad
Prudential launched their regional campaign themed 'We are the people that do'. They wanted to position themselves as people whose actions spoke louder than words and we were tasked to leverage on the rising trend of 'festive content hunger' in Malaysia by producing a Chinese New Year film based on their new Brand theme that is relatable to 2 generations of Chinese Malaysians; 20-30 years and 40-60 years.
'The people that do' fits very well in the characteristics of Chinese parents in our target age group because they show love through acts, not words. These acts are not always understood by their kids who are more expressive with words. We focused on the tension in this gap and used it in the story arc, mirroring their experiences and feelings of our viewers and leading them to discover the meaning behind the acts.