DUKKHA Music Video
5. Design Kancils [5.4 Motion Design]

Music Video
BACKGROUND: AN EXPERIMENTATION IN SOUNDS AND VISUALS Directed by the creative collective, 18 Uppercut, and scored by famed electronic musician, W.Y. Huang, Dukkha is a restless, iconoclastic take on the art of violence. The music video serves as a canvas that showcases the marriage between the traditional and the modern, by converging cultural references from both East and West.
IDEA: THE ART OF VISUAL CACOPHONY THROUGH MOTION DESIGN Told in a medley of 4 acts, Dukkha captures the dystopian entanglement between a traffic police officer and a street food vendor and how their tragic story unfolds. Taking inspiration from classic kung fu films and pop-cultural references such as Godzilla and Dragon Ball Z, the music video delves into the nature of life that innately includes suffering, pain, dissatisfaction, and displeasure. CELEBRATING POP-CULTURAL ICONOGRAPHY By complementing visuals taken from Hong Kong arthouse cinema to martial arts epics with an East-and-West electronic mashup sound, we enhanced the pop-cultural references further with animation and motion graphics that help propel the narrative forward - in a blitz of beats, hues and visuals.