DUKKHA Music Video
9. Craft Kancils [9.4a Visual Effects: Single]

Music Video
BACKGROUND: AN ICONOCLASTIC TAKE ON THE ART OF VIOLENCE Dukkha is a music video directed by the creative collective, 18 Uppercut, and scored by famed electronic musician, W.Y. Huang. It is a nod to the past and present by incorporating visceral visuals with music that toes the line between Eastern and Western cultures.
IDEA: AMPLIFYING THE VISUAL EXPERIENCE THROUGH VISUAL EFFECTS Dukkha captures the dystopian entanglement between a traffic police officer and a street food vendor and how their tragic story unfolds. Through the purposeful use of visual effects, we further augment the narrative by bringing into focus certain key scenes with pop-cultural elements that not only pay tribute to the past but also celebrate the present. A CONDUIT BETWEEN ASIAN AND AMERICAN POPULAR CULTURE Taking visual cues from classic kung fu films and pop-cultural references such as Godzilla and Dragon Ball Z and complementing them with a boundary-pushing electronic sound, the music video delves into the nature of life that innately includes suffering, pain, dissatisfaction, and displeasure.