Strongbow CNY Refreshed
2. Audio Kancils [2.2a Best use of branded audio content: Single]

Strongbow Apple Ciders
Heineken Malaysia Berhad
Chinese New Year for Malaysia is a monotonous marketing bloodbath for Malaysians. Year after year, they are subjected to the same stories, same visual cues, and same festive elements on repeat. Strongbow Apple Ciders tasked us with developing a CNY campaign that would cut through this noise to create buzz and draw attention to their brand, and they wanted attention from some of the most digitally-immersed Malaysian millennial urbanites.
Strongbow's core audience - urban Malaysian millennials - are subjected to another kind of monotony in family gatherings. Year after year, they need to bear the recurring soundtrack of naggy relatives asking the same prying questions. Tapping into ASMR trend, we made a music album featuring CNY's greatest hits: "Overachiever Cousin Bragging About Second Startup" and "Second Aunt Asking When You're Getting Married" - but with a Strongbow twist. Upon listening to the tracks, users were rewarded with pops of bottles being opened, the fizz of bubbly cider, the clinks of glasses, and the sumptuous gulps ending with contented "aaahs." The awkward questions stop when the senses are consumed by the refreshing notes of Strongbow.