Strongbow CNY Refreshed
6. Digital Experience Kancils [6.1 Best use of web platforms]

Strongbow Apple Ciders
Heineken Malaysia Berhad
Every Chinese New Year season, Malaysians are bombarded with a monotony of marketing spiels forced unto them year after year. Brands launch headfirst into a bloody throwdown on the film and graphic battleground and rely on the same old cultural norms and family values that everyone already knows too well: celebration, reunions, food, the color red, fireworks. In short, it's the same visual cues and messaging on replay year after year. Strongbow Apple Ciders tasked us with developing a CNY campaign that would cut through this noise and set the brand apart from all the other F&B brands fighting for a place in the lauriat tables - a campaign experience that would truly captivate digitally-immersed Malaysian millennial urbanites.
We ditched film and made a music album instead. With 'CNY Refreshed,' we compiled CNY's greatest hits: "Overachiever Cousin Bragging About Second Startup" or "Second Aunt Asking When You're Getting Married." We put a spin on these tracks, by adding Strongbow to the mix - turning 'annoying' into 'refreshing' - and hosted our album on a microsite. Microsite visitors were treated to a soothing ASMR experience that blocked the awkward questions with the crisp fizz of bubbly cider and the sharp clinks of glasses, the sumptuous gulps ending with contented "aaahs.". With a bottle of Strongbow cider in hand, the awkward questions are replaced by the peaceful sounds of satisfying refreshment, a novel moment of peace for Malaysians in family gatherings. Each track also came with a secret promo code that visitors could use to bring the 'CNY Refreshed' experience home through discounts on Drinkies, Strongbow's e-commerce site.