SCORE Marathon 2019 Medals
5. Design Kancils [5.13 Creative Effectiveness: Design]

SCORE Marathon 2019
Mantra Experiential Sdn Bhd
The running events industry in Malaysia is increasingly competitive with over 900 running events last year. To succeed and grow we needed to be seen as the must-join event for every runner. We needed to create a strong brand that people want to sign up for every year. And to do that we needed to increase our participation numbers in order to be amongst the biggest running events in Malaysia. Consumer insight was that runners love collecting medals and completing sets.
To take SCORE Marathon to the next level, we created 2 separate runs.We made them as different as possible, a night run - Run The Night, and a day run - Run The Day. To entice runners to register for both events, we designed Night and Day themed medals for both events that were combinable.RESULTSRun The Night 11,136Run The Day 7,309Total Participation 18,445Increase in participation - 91%