Digi - A Special Little Place
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Digi Telecommunications
In May of 2018, Malaysia experienced a political renaissance with the peaceful and democratic removal of a 60-year-old regime. It was a delicate period in our history so when National Day came around, it was treated with extra care and attention. Digi, one of Malaysia's largest telecommunications company, wanted a brand film that would reflect the hopes of a 'New Malaysia' while still honouring the successes of her past.
The idea was to paint Malaysia as a small nation of big achievements - and that Malaysia's future is highly dependent on the contribution of her citizens. To do this, we collaborated with a miniature artist that would build familiar scenes of Malaysia, which could then be populated with local heroes and events. We wanted to tell a magical yet real story that every Malaysian could relate to, while driving home the message that every citizen can and must contribute to the building of the nation.