Further Your Vision
9. Craft Kancils [9.1a Film Direction: Single]

The Oppo Reno Series, with its global positioning of 'Further Your Vision' promotes the phones' superior features with a focus on visual storytelling and adventuring. With a stunningly sharp hybrid zoom, ultra night mode and advanced video features, this is a device targeted at those with the wanderlust spirit (and with the means to travel to 'aspirational' destinations).The client's brief was to use the vehicle of a relevant and well-known personality who believably embodied this wanderlust attitude. After some deliberation, we chose travelogue TV host Owen Yap as the star of the campaign. His established presence in Chinese TV and entertainment enabled Oppo to reach its sizeable target audience of Chinese-speaking Malaysians.
A cinematic journey through the stark and stunning landscape of Mount Bromo, Indonesia narrated through Owen Yap's point of view highlights the Oppo Ren's features. The story follows him all the way to the peak of the active volcano where he gets to capture a once-in-a-lifetime sight with the best phone for the job.