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9. Craft Kancils [9.8 Music in Film Content]

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How do you make a hungry bear endearing? With sweet music of course. We made a song to take you through our dear Bear's journey to look for real fish ....
Together with talented director Rajay Singh we thought a kind of timeless and slightly goofy, lighthearted track might be fun to try. We wrote a song that played with the "bear" themed words and storyline. We ran the track through effects to make it seem like it was an old vinyl record, scratchy and slightly out of tune. Live violin and multiple layers of vocals were recorded in a very "live" sounding vibe. Together with original "Bear" sound effects and clever sound design the audio went down a treat with the client. Online the commercial has become a viral hit, with "memes" even being created about it! For a little known brand with 250K hits online it was quite a success.