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Historically, all of the Malaysian brand work had remained in the product-centric interpretation of 'Strong is Beautiful' - focusing only on strong, shiny hair. However, in 2018 a new regional client from P&G wanted to bring more culturally relevant work to the platform to gain traction within pop culture.
Use real-life stories from national athletes and publicly rebrand themselves as #WanitaBesi to carry the message and use their celebrity to gain access to media channels. Create controversy by broadcasting a negative word within a positive context. SALES INCREASE FOR PANTENE ACROSS KEY RETAILERS. • TESCO saw an uplift of sales by 20% in Mar'19 as compared to Feb'19 and the campaign helped increase Pantene's Value Share by 3% in Mar'19 • GIANT, sales grew by 31% in Mar'19 as compared to Feb'19 • AEON BIG sales saw an uplift of 56% compared to Feb'19, Sport opened an entirely fresh angle to activate the Strong is Beautiful platform. By engaging communities with inspiring and compelling real-life content, we drove conversation with the people, engaging the nation in a controversial, but positive conversation about the sexual inequality and sports - from celebrities, public figures, school girls and, ultimately, the government.